Angels with Scaly Wings Indiegogo Launched

Credit to AWSW team
Angels with Scaly Wings, the visual novel where you date lovely dragons, has launched its Indiegogo campaign! It’s only been two days and we’ve already reached over 40% of our goal!

This is incredible! Thank you for your support. Please continue to help out by spreading the word! Any contribution would be appreciated. :) And don’t forget to vote for us on Steam Greenlight!

Each member of the team is enthusiastic, devoted, and excited to see the Indiegogo reach its goal! Natalie hopes to continue her editing work on this game. It’s all up to you guys!

Check out this snazzy stuff:
Angels with Scaly Wings Indiegogo Campaign
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Free Book, New Cover, New Project, and More!

Hello there! Team Fuzzy’s got lots of fun stuff to chat about today!

Art by Lauren IguanamouthIn honor of Riding the Thunder Dragon‘s new cover art by Lauren Iguanamouth, we’ll be offering the book for free from October 5th to 7th! If you haven’t yet spent time alone with Raiju the dragon, or if you were a little uncertain about his compatibility with you (spoiler alert: he is very compatible with you), now’s your chance to experience the erotic tale for free!

Also, I am proud to announce that we’ve been working on Angels with Scaly Wings – The Dragon Dating, Mystery and Drama Visual Novel!
Natalie has been proofreading and editing for the team and we’re really excited to be approaching the Indiegogo crowdfunding stage. The campaign will be launching soon! I’ll update when it does~

Credit to AWSW teamSynopsis: A mysterious portal is discovered and you, the player, are selected as one of the few humans to travel to the world of dragons. While you serve as an ambassador, you learn more about the strangely familiar place, and discover that your human colleague knows more than he’s letting on…
It will be up to you and the friends you make to uncover the conspiracy that threatens the newly discovered world… and in the process, you may even find love.

Now that the AWSW demo is complete and we’re approaching the chilliest time of the year, we’re going to be tackling our Jack Frost dragon erotica with renewed vigor! Woo!

We’re excited for the things ahead and we hope you are too. :)

Riding the Thunder Dragon

Art by Lauren Iguanamouth

Riding the Thunder Dragon
Monster Erotica
Novelette, about 8000 words
Available on Amazon

Sylvia is a member of the Eon family, and as such, serves as a bridge between nature and society. But even her status as a spiritual leader can’t shield her from the lust of Raiju, the Great Spirit of Thunder.

After Sylvia is stood up by her human date on New Year’s Eve, a heated encounter in Raiju’s temple leads to something more thrilling than she ever imagined…the dragon chooses her as his mate.

Will she force nature to submit, or will this horny primal spirit force her to her knees?

Riding the Thunder Dragon offers dirty sex, fun characters, and the foundation of a world to be expanded on in future stories.

This is a tale intended for naughty adults. All sexually involved characters are over 18. Riding the Thunder Dragon depicts graphic sexual encounters between a human female and a male dragon. Enjoy!

Elements of the cover are attributed to the following:

  • Cover art created by Lauren Iguanamouth
  • Cover font Alex Brush created by Robert E. Leuschke, available on Open Font Library under the SIL Open Font License

General Update

Hello! I’ve been focusing more on Twitter and Facebook lately, as there haven’t been any large enough developments to warrant a blog post.

In a few months I will be moving, and while looking for a new job(s), I should have enough time to get another short story to you. ;) Right now, I’ve been directing most of my free time toward another dragon-related project–I’ll give a more detailed rundown soon. I’m sure you’ll all be pleased!

We’re also looking into getting a logo and actual covers done.

Oh, and Natalie Dragonnip and Riding the Thunder Dragon are now on Goodreads!

I was going to give you guys some scans of journal sketches and Jack Frost ideas, but the scanner is broken. :( Sorry. I’ll treat you to that another time.

Stay sexy!

Small Draft Update

The Riding the Thunder Dragon draft on Amazon has been updated.

  • Copyright information adjusted
  • A few details added pertaining to Raiju’s size and the temple’s size

It might be a few hours before the changes take effect.